Rosemont/Augusta Resource Mining Properties in Pima County, Arizona
—ever expanding.....

Rosemont (and the Forest Service) has been claiming that this side of the Santa Ritas will not be affected by the mine. If that is so, why did Rosemont purchase large plots of ranch land on our side (west side) of the mountains in 2010? Dr. Tom Purdon (Madera Canyon, SSSR) mentioned at a presentation that Rosemont had made claims in their Investor reports about additional properties in Pima County. So I did some research—and bingo!! I have put tax records of three big parcels they purchased on a link (there may be more). These parcels are surrounded by public lands, probably Bureau of Land Management. Records of Rosemont Parcels

The rectangles are all patented mining claims—just like the patented mining claims where they plan to put their pit (actually 23% of the pit is on unpatented Forest Service land). This is another of Rosemont's misrepresentations. However, the Forest Service Maps in the Appendix of the DEIS (Figures, Page 17) definitely shows that Rosemont's pit will be on patented land, not private land.
FS Map of Patented Claims

I knew they were claiming some of the old Anaconda claims that go over Gunsite Pass. And they already have their name on these old claims throughout the Helvetia area. In addition, they have bought up small properties in that area—but these would be further down the mountain. Check it out—186 parcels!

They have also bought ranches in Greaterville. They caught my attention because one cost $385,000. Again, there are 3 or 4 parcels, and these are surrounded by Forest Service Land. Greaterville Properties

It is clear that they have a grand plan to mine the whole region. The Environmental Impact Statement should be a comprehensive report on the whole operations, not just one piece, then another, then another, nibbling away until our entire mountain is gone!!