ADEQ Public Hearing Records—2006

Green Valley, Arizona

August, 2006

First Step: New Version of Aquifer Protection Permit (APP)

At the July 2005 ADEQ public hearing in Green Valley, the public let ADEQ and Phelps Dodge mining officials that they were not going to countenance industrial waste--even in the form of sulfate, which is a non-regulated contaminant. ADEQ went back to the drawing board and with the help of the Attorney General's office and the attorney's from the compliance section of ADEQ, they hammered out an APP that is more in line with the community's demands.

1) Fact Sheet

2) Aquifer Protection Permit

3) Outline of Relevant Issues of APP draft

Second Step: Mitigation Order  

Further, the APP had a separate contract, a Mitigation Order, signed by Phelps Dodge Sierrita operations manager, to implement a program to assure that no private or public wells have a sulfate level above 250 mg/ltr. Ambient in the area is 50 mg/ltr, so it is a compromise. However, it's an impovement over the 500 mg/ltr and climbing that we had until 2005.

Mitigation Order

Third Step: Public Hearing Comments

Dick Shuman

Nancy Freeman

Fourth Step: Comments on Hearing in GV News

Nancy Freeman's Comments

A Mining Environmentalist's Comments on the APP

Fifth Step: Filing of Work Plan with ADEQ

Proposed Work Plan for cleaning the sulfate

ADEQ's Response to Work Plan

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