ADEQ Public Hearing Records-2005

Green Valley, Arizona

July, 2005

First Step: Public Notice of APP

Two hundred local citizens attended the hearing. They let ADEQ and Phelps Dodge mining officials know that they were not going to tolerate industrial waste in their drinking water—even in the form of sulfate, which is a non-regulated contaminant. In short the APP was not strong enough. A record of comments from the 2005 Public Hearing:

1) Fact Sheet

2) Aquifer Protection Permit

Second Step: Public Hearing Public Comments  —

1) Nancy Freeman's comments

2) Dick Shuman's analysis of the APP

3) Green Valley Coordinating Council Comments on cost to Community

Third Step: Follow-up Public Comments

1) Nancy Freeman's written comments to ADEQ

2) PA's comments to ADEQ

3) Phelps Dodge's Written Comments to ADEQ
(What they didn't tell us in the public hearing!)

4) Community Water Company's comments

ADEQ went back to the drawing board and with the help of the Attorney General's office and the attorney's from the compliance section of ADEQ, they hammered out a new APP. ADEQ held another hearing in August, 2006.

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