Comments of Nancy Freeman at the Forest Service public comment hearing
conducted in Green Valley, AZ on Augusta Resource/Rosemont proposed mine in the Santa Rita Mountains, southeast of Tucson, Arizona Pima County, December 8, 2011

I am Nancy Freeman. I am a citizen of U. S. and I am an owner of the National Forest.

We have to investigate the legitmacy of the company the American public would be doing business with. In 2007, when Augusta bought up plots of land in Sahuarita for their water supply wells, they used 3 different names, Kanarco, SanRita Properties, and Dawson Properties. Their first air violation was on the Kanarco property. When PDEQ sent them a notice of the violation, it was returned labeled incorrect address.

Now Augusta is stating that Rosemont is its sole property, even though press releases in 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006 stated they had obtained properties in Guadalupe, Mexico, Nunavat, Canada, White Pine County, Nevada and New Mexico. We have to know what is happening on these properties to get a picture of what could happen here.

In Augusta's Annual Information Form to stockholders for 2010, under the heading of “Risk Factors”, they list twenty-nine reasons they can fail financially at Rosemont—even if the mine were to be permitted.

Their duplicity on this project has been overwhelming. They have stated publicly again and again that they bought the Rosemont Ranch, so they have private land to mine on, as if they would be mining on ranch property. On the contrary, the pit will be on patented mining claims in the National Forest. Further, they have said again and again, that they will not be mining on the west side of the Santa Ritas. However, they have registered for all the old Anaconda mining claims in the Helvetia District and, in addition, have bought 3 ranch properties totaling almost 500 acres in that District. To the south, they have also purchased private properties on the Greaterville Road—surrounded by Forest Service Land.

A legitmate mining company would want to know the full picture, so it could develop a life of mine plan and ensure it is profitable and works for all stakeholders. So it is really in their interest to understand all the pieces to the puzzle. It is obvious that the environmental impacts will double on this expanded plan, especially the air and water. Already there was a problem with water as the mining company has not been realistic about their water use. They claim they will have the 4 th biggest mine in the U.S.—yet they will be using ¼ the water of our local Sierrita Mine. Where will they get the water? What will be the drawdown of the Tucson Basin?

I declare this Environmental Impact Statement null and void. We must have a full accounting of what these shysters intend to do next, and have a full investigation of the company, the total environmental impacts, and our water supply.

Not only do they intend to destroy 6,000 acres of our National Forest, they plan to use that money to destroy more!

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