Air pollution

There are three major sources of air pollution:
fumes from smelters
dust from tailings
dust from milling operations

In all cases, there are two major questions:
What is the content of the fumes or dust?
How big are the particulates?

Example of Air Quality Violation

Fumes from Smelters: The worst source of problems for possible damage to lungs is from smelter fumes; therefore, smelters are regulated and have to have environmental equipment installed. However, the equipment has to be maintained and in operation. In a case in the mid-1990's in Green Valley, AZ, at the Cyprus Duval facility, the roasters were kept running while the environmental equipment was turned off for cleaning.

Dust from tailings:

Moral: Don't put tailing impoundment were it's windy!

Dust from mining operations

Dust from waste rock—uranium mining

Report on Dust in the Southwest

Articles that discuss ways to reduce dust at tailings ponds:

1. Chemical Application by air at a large BHP copper tailings impoundment.
2. Arrest  fugitive dust
3. This is the Utah code requirements for control of fugitive dusts.

Pond for growing algae to apply to tailings to prevent dust—Phelps Dodge Sierrita

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