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The group, Save the Santa Cruz Aquifer, was formed to provide information about the compromised condition of the Santa Cruz Aquifer through mineralization and over pumping of water by local mines. Whatever we can accomplish at this time is one step in the right direction for water and environmental conservation in Green Valley—and Arizona.

For years people in Green Valley have been wringing their hands and saying, "There's nothing we can do about the pollution from the mine, their pollution is secondary water standards, not primary".... and they did nothing. So we are going to see if we do can do something. Nothing can be accomplished without knowledge. Knowledge leads to careful, logical action.

The group's efforts are coordinated by Nancy Freeman, a technical writer and editor.
You can reach her through this site:

Nancy's Policy Statement:

The intention in creating this website was to offer information to the public of how the mining companies operate and how the state agencies that oversee them operate. For two years, I have been dredging up endless facts and figures. I found early in my research that even state agencies and agents were not aware of what other agencies and agents were doing. In the course of the research, it certainly has been true that I become somewhat frustrated at some of the boondoggles that I encountered. For example, in early December, 2004, I found that there had been a series of sulfuric acid spills up at the mine site. I postulated that these spills could be a possible explanation of the spikes of sulfate in Wells 7 and 8 of Community Water Data. I turned that data over to the Aquifer Protection Permit Department for an analysis. When I did not hear back from them, I posted the data on the web site in hopes that someone would come forward who could analyze the data. To date (Feb. 2005), that has not been accomplished.

I have no intention of alienating the mining company or state agencies who I need to do the job of elimintinating the pollution problem in my drinking water. If I have been too aggressive, I apolgize and stand corrected. I only intend to be the "gadfly that stings the horse of state out of its apathy," so that it can take appropriate action.

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